We examine our “Go Outside” app under the following technology ethics considerations:

Nudging and Manipulation

Our project primarily uses notifications & alerts to change user behavior. This is not manipulative as the user is able to opt-in and define when they want to receive these prompts (either at specific times of day or…

From Meaningless Web Browsing to Reconnecting with Nature

Team: Aayush, Allan, Baker, Steve, Winston

In this 10 week course, we focused on encouraging folks to spend more time outdoors during the quarantine, in contrast to sitting indoors at a computer or scrolling on a phone all day.

Through a number of studies, experiments, and design work and usability…

We’re looking at ways of encouraging folks to go outside more in this weird, work-from-home world. Our user interviews indicated that most folks want to go outside more, but that it feels like a big context switch in the middle of the workday. However, they do find themselves spending time…

Consider the purpose of prototypes, in particular what design questions they help you answer and what dimensions they communicate.

This helps you cut down on the number of decisions to make during prototyping so you can explore one aspect of the model much faster.

The proposed framework of 3 dimensions are: Role, Look and Feel, and Implementation. These can be done separately and later combined for an Integration prototype.

Tian-Shun Allan Jiang

Masters in CS at Stanford University

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